Tub to shower conversions for seniors

Tub to shower conversions for seniors


As you get older and lose the ability to maintain your balance, your regular bathtub can become a major health hazard. However, replacing your tub is incredibly expensive. On top of that, the construction process takes time, and leaves a major mess behind, creating a whole new hazard. The entire process is a massive hassle. Even the insert options on the market that offer a simpler installation process are enough to break the bank.

Enter TubCut of the Carolinas, with our top of the line Charlotte, North Carolina tubs for seniors. Rather than replace the tub entirely, or purchasing an irreversible insert, we can create tubs for seniors from what already exists. Our contractors are highly skilled and experienced, and have perfected the method of tub cutting to create high-quality tubs for seniors on a budget. With our tub cutting services, a contractor can come in, saw a piece out of the front wall of your tub to create a doorway in the sidewall, and refinish the walls to look good as new. We will leave a 4 inch threshold at the bottom to prevent overflow, while providing easy access to your tub and shower.

And the best part? With our tub cutting services, you can easily reinstall the section of the wall we've cut out to restore the tub to its original condition. TubCut of the Carolinas is proud of the quality tubs for seniors that we create, and honored to provide such a vital service for our community.

Give TubCut of the Carolinas a call today to get tub to shower conversions for seniors in Charlotte, NC. Our customer service associates are happy to answer any questions you have about our tubs for seniors, provide a quote for your services, and get you scheduled with one of our contractors. We look forward to working with you!